• Tips to Find Reliable Gas Safe Engineers
Tips to Find Reliable Gas Safe Engineers

Tips to Find Reliable Gas Safe Engineers

It is utmost important to check out whether your gas engineer is on the Gas Safe Register. Even if you hire someone strongly recommended by a close friend or family member, the checkout still remains crucial. Qualified plumbing engineers in London say that if an engineer is not there on the register, the individual is simply under-qualified to carry out any kind of service on a gas appliance.

In order to find out if a plumber in London is Gas Safe Registered all you need to do is place a call at 020 3475 3026. Gas Safe people will pick up your call and give you the confirmed information. Alternatively, you can log online to carry out the necessary validation although this procedure requires you to enter a Gas Safe Registered engineer’s unique 7-digit license number. This number is displayed on their ID card. New ID card with a different license number is issued to every registered engineer once a year.

All Gas Safe Registered engineers are not qualified for every job

It is perfectly okay to ask these professionals to show their ID card. The identity card includes the card holders name, picture, the unique ID number and an expiry date on one side. On the other side, it holds a list of jobs the professional is skilled and qualified to complete. Check this list before appointing a Gas Safe Registered engineer to solve your problem.   

Ask friends and family to recommend names

Requesting your friends, family and colleagues to recommend you any technically sound and reliable Gas Safe engineers is a tried and tested strategy that you can count up on. Make sure to make this request only to people, who stay close by. This ensures that your problem is taken over by a local plumbing agency and that you will you get a reasonable quote for the service.

Reliable directories are helpful too

There are a lot of trustworthy sources for Registered Gas Safe engineers in London. But, at the same time, there are many untrustworthy ones too. If your friends and family members cannot provide you with any suitable recommendations, you should better be smart and make use of online reliable resources. A large number of illegal gas fitters with weak technical skills will keep advertising their services both online and in local media. Reliable online directories like Thompson Local and Yellow Pages can check the registrations of Gas Safe Registered engineers before putting out their advertisements whereas other online directories don’t.  

On the other hand, you can also use TrustMark. This tool is approved by the government and proves helpful when it comes to finding skilled professionals from various trades near your home.  

Here are some tips to help you recognise a suspicious Gas Safe Registered engineers:

  • Their advertisements are eye-catchy.
  • They accept almost the entire range of key home jobs including plumbing jobs, bathroom and kitchen fitting and electrical works.
  • These unqualified engineers make use of the Gas Safe logo purposefully to throw in the weight.
  • The best way to ascertain them is to ask for their Gas Safe Registered ID card or number.
  • They also make use of hard-hitting technical jargons to make you lose your balance.
  • They demand cash up front. Moreover, they are also known to charge more than their own quotations and demand to clear the payment before the work.

You can nominate your home for a free safety check from a Gas Safe Registered engineer if there has been a new installation in the last 6 months. You have to fill in an online form for the nomination and if you are selected, the Gas Safe Register people will call you up.

The Gas Safe Register also allows you to raise complaints regarding any jobs or installations that you are worried about. Their officials will investigate your complaint and may also visit your home to carry out an on-spot inspection.

Whether you have a boiler breakdown, total power failure or a broken switch – only a Gas Safe engineer is capable of dealing with the problem, qualified and licensed plumbers associated with 4D Heating and Plumbing.

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