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    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating is an efficient way to warm your house or act in the form of heat source by replacing the radiators.


We are a London based heating company specialised in underfloor heating services. We pride ourselves in offering only premium services to our clients all over the city of London andthe surrounding environment.

A lot of people which includes homeowners and other property owners have taken 4D Heating and Plumbing as their one-stop company for a quality job in underfloor heating services. The underfloor heating is definitely a good choice as it is much more effective than the usual traditional heating system and also preferable in terms of air quality and also it is less intrusive as a radiator. Using an underground heating system in your home or business place means you can arrange your furniture or other designs in your home as you please without the fear of having a non-warm atmosphere.

Knowing and Understanding your Underfloor Heating Type

There are two types of underfloor heating system, the wet or hydroponic and electric or dry underground heating system. It is important to know the type of underground heating system you have installed.

The wet type of underground heating system involves pipes being connected beneath the floor and connected to the boiler thus allowing hot water to run through them making the house warm. However, how fast the water warms up depends on the kind of floor you have. The electric or dry underfloor heating system is a more low profile underfloor heating system unlike the wet underfloor heating system and is much lighter and doesn’t require much gas to work perfectly.

However, it can be more expensive than the wet underfloor heating system.

We are experts in Underfloor Heating Services

When it comes to installation of an underfloor Heating system, some people are of the mentality that the ground would be torn open for installation. That is however not true because underfloor heating installation even in repairs, some equipment are used such as thermal imaging to locate the point where there is a fault or replacement. Our team of expert plumbers will help you to resolve all underfloor heating problems.

The Reason Why People call 4D for their Underfloor Heating Systems

  • We are punctual.
  • We offer professionalism to the core.
  • Our pricing is very affordable.
  • We are Gas Safe registered.
  • We have insurance.
  • We have excellent customer service personnel.
  • We offer repair services.
  • No call out charges.

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