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    Our gas safe registered engineers can repair your boiler in London.

Boiler Repairs in London

Looking for boiler repair? At 4D Heating and Plumbing, we are happy to provide an extensive range of boiler repairing services across the London. It can be really troublesome when you do not have hot water in the bathroom. You need to take help of a gas engineer who can repair and start boiler system. Our gas safe engineers work 24/7 a day 365 days a year so you can schedule an appointment for all kinds of boiler repair works according to your convenience. Whether you have connected the boiler system with a domestic or commercial gas supply, our engineers are always willing to offer help. If you are looking for old boiler repair or new installation, feel free to contact us today.

Some of Boiler Repair Works We Called Out to Solve

  • Boiler breakdown
  • No hot water or heating system
  • Boiler servicing
  • Electric and gas boiler servicing
  • Gas and boiler breakdown
  • Gas safety measures
  • New boiler installation
  • Gas appliance installation

Boiler Repair Services in London We Offer

If you are searching for an accredited boiler engineer in London, contact 4D Heating and Plumbing today to repair your boiler anytime.

Boiler Installation

We can help in fitting electric and gas boilers through our expertise with an extensive range of latest boiler types.

Boiler Repair

Whether there is some leakage in the boiler or no hot water, our engineers will surely help you. As boiler breakdowns may occur at any time, we do not have extra charges for weekend or night call outs.

Boiler Servicing and Safety Measures

You should do proper servicing of the boiler, particularly for winter months. We provide boiler servicing and gas safety checks throughout the year and so you can be assured that your boiler is safe and secure when you need it the most.

Emergency Boiler Repair Service London

Feel free to call us if you faced any kind of boiler breakdown or emergency boiler repair in London.

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Looking for qualified engineers? Chek out our reviews and services. It can help you to take the decision. 

Boiler Repair Cost

When you hire our engineers for boiler repair, we have fixed price quotes for customers so that they know about the exact cost before taking our services.

Why choose us as your accredited boiler repair engineer in London

  • Having several years of experience in boiler repair, installation and replacement works
  • Deliver top rated service to our esteemed customers
  • We have competitive pricing for our services
  • We do not have call out charges
  • Our engineer will visit your home for free
  • Our works are guaranteed for almost 90 days from the date of completion
  • Our gas safe registered engineers are friendly and honest in carrying out their works
  • We provide 24/7 customer support for your convenience

Some FAQs on Boiler Repair

How much time will it take to repair your boiler?

The time needed for boiler repair depends on the problem.  But it can be of great help when you describe in details about the problem.

How much will be the cost for boiler repair?

We agree on a fixed price quote but in case it is not possible, our rates usually work by hour with minimum charge for one hour and fixed price for some services. 

We have competitive pricing in comparison to different boiler repair. But we do not charge extra for emergency call-out.

What is actually a combi boiler?

A boiler will heat water and provide hot water at any time. It performs the work by storing the heated water in a tank for use. On the other hand, combi boilers are small heaters that serve for small houses. They heat water when needed and solve the problem of shortage of hot water.

Common faults with boiler repair

  • Boiler breakdown during emergency

If your boiler needs to be repaired during emergency or there has been boiler breakdown, then feel free to call our engineers for quick advice.

  • Boiler keeps switching off

The boiler will switch on its own in order to prevent further damage to it. If there is air in the system, low pressure of water or blocked pipe, then these can be reason why your boiler is not functioning properly.

  • Boiler has a leakage

Seals are common reasons for a boiler to get leaked. They may get damaged and degrade in due course which means water will leak out due to high pressure.

  • Thermostat problems

When a thermostat becomes old, it might not work properly and even provide incorrect temperature readings. If the thermostat cannot tell how hot it is, then it cannot keep the room at a steady temperature. Thus, you will have to turn the boiler on and off at wrong timing.

  • Condensate pipe freezing

If the heating system uses condensate pipe that takes water from the boiler, then this may freeze at times. When this happens, there will be a blockage and the boiler will not work properly.

  • Boiler system loses pressure

When the boiler loses pressure, this happens due to a leakage in the central heating system. This might be some problem with expansion vessel or pressure relief valve.

  • Pilot light does not go out

Pilot light denotes your boiler has fired up and trying to heat water that has already passed through it. This happens when there is a broken thermocouple or gas valve has become defective.

  • Kettling

Kettling is when the limescale accumulates and leads to problems to the boiler system thus, causing damage to heat exchanger. To overcome this issue, you have to install a scale reducer to get rid of build up and powerflush for cleaning the system.

  • Banging and rattling sounds

Banging noises means there is something that passes through the boiler system. This might be some kind of debris, dirt or sludge. Besides, low water pressure might be the reason for rattling noises.

  • Hot water and heating do not warm up

Installing a boiler system in your house is all about getting hot water and staying warm. But the boiler won’t work if the pilot light is off, the diaphragm is defective, a valve is not working and there is some in the central heating system,

Are you looking to repair your old boiler?
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