• 10 Plumbing Problems and Fixing them Quickly
10 Plumbing Problems and Fixing them Quickly

10 Plumbing Problems and Fixing them Quickly

Plumbing problems are very common in every house these days. When the plumbing issues are not detected on time, this can really hurt your budget and put you in trouble when you require water during emergency. This can be more dreadful when you turn on the shower and find there is no hot water. When the problem reaches a breaking point, it will hit you with huge increase in the electricity bills. It is suggested that you do not let plumbing issue disturb your life and so, stay prepared to prevent them from occurring.


There arises some important questions in your mind, “Do you need to call a plumber?” or “Can you fix the plumbing issue on your own?” These actually depend on several things such as overall experience and estimated budget. Read on to know 10 common plumbing problems every homeowner should know and take the right decision in solving them quickly.


1. Defective faults

Dripping tap has persistent and rhythmic tone that gets stored in your head. You like to hear the sound even when you are not at home. One drip for each second is equal to 2600 gal per year. When water bill increases, you should not stress out and rather, fix the drip through proper diagnosis.


2. Leaky pipes

Pipes are another reason for the plumbing problems, particularly in old houses. Nowadays, most pipes are usually made of PEX but old buildings still have copper pipes. Copper is much stronger when compared to PEX and the problem with copper is it works poorly due to change in temperature. Due to the expansion and contraction, copper breaks easily but PEX flexes.


3.Toilet problems

If there are leakages in the toilets, then these usually go unnoticed. Other than leaving some kind of mess on the floor, an internal leakage in the tank means water down the drain. The toilet that is used all the time might give up hundreds of gallons regularly. One of the major culprits is rubber flapper that can lose their shape and thus, fail to seal the tank properly.


4. Hose bibb gets worn out

The hose bibb is not built in a way that will last through different seasons. This is particularly true when you stay at a place where there seems to be frosty winters. The hose bibb begins to lose the integrity and then crack due to change in temperature. When this occurs, your hose gets leaked throughout the place. Thus, a leaky hose bibb will waste hundreds of gallons in a month. If you do not want to replace them often in your house, then you should go for heavy-duty frost-proof brand.


5. Clogs and partial clogs

Another problem occurs when there are clogged pipes in the house. In case of worst clog, you need to call for an emergency plumber in London who can help in getting a clogged toilet cleared. Clogged drains and sinks are completely different and you need to take help of drain cleaners to solve these problems, Make sure you do not throw the toxic waste bottles in the drains.


6. Sump pump

Sump pumps do not work at all when there is heavy snowfall or rain. You need to have routine maintenance in order to prevent the failure of sump pump in future and check how it is installed. If the pimp has been installed in an improper way, then it will not work properly in due course. Also, power outages are another reason that can damage these sump pumps.


7. No hot water

If you want to know the reason why your water heater is not working, then this might be something unpleasant. If your house is warm inside, then choosing cold water showers without hot water is not at all a fun-filled activity. Your hot water heater is meant to last for at least 8 to 13 years but might get damaged in case you do not take proper care.


8. Sewage problems

Sewer systems might get backed up and lead to gag-inducing odors. When sewer line gets clogged, it can be the reason for the drains to become clogged. The sewer line is working properly when you find every flush act in the form of a clog and the sink begin to pool the water. The right practice is prevention when it is related to sewer problems.


9. Breakage in water line

The major threat to water lines is winter frost. If there is a small leakage in the water line, then the frost might break it completely. You will need a small pinhole-sized crack for the pipe to split. It is extremely important to examine the water line and ensure all pipes are crack-free and definitely worth the investment. If the water line is really old, then this might save thousands in leakages and breaks. Water damage to your house might put you in financial crisis.


10 Water pressure is extremely weak

The most annoying problem other than leaky faucet in most houses is water pressure. If water pressure is weak, then this will make taking shower less enjoyable pain. Sometimes the low water pressure can be corrected with the installation of a new faucet or shower head. For other cases, low water pressure might require correcting at the pipe-levels or valve. If you find some kind of leakage, then this could be a red flag to consider.


Thus, solving all kinds of plumbing problems on your own seems to be very tricky. Obviously, you do not want to get wet in order to fix the plumbing issues. However, if you still want to do it on your own, then you must follow these points:


  • Shut off main water supplybefore doing anything
  • Purchase the right tools and equipments at an affordable rate
  • Do not choose anything that will get stained quickly.
  • Hire a plumber in London for advice when you do not understand something.


Thus, when you experience any plumbing problems, it is suggested that you act quickly. A small leakage or clog can turn into a big problem in no time. You can also search for “plumbing services near me” and get them fixed from the professionals.

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