• Boiler Installation Procedure: Your Helpful Guide
Boiler Installation Procedure: Your Helpful Guide

Boiler Installation Procedure: Your Helpful Guide

Installing a new boiler is often a major decision and involves substantial financial investment as well as stress. Considering these facts, a licensed plumbing engineer in London shares a simple yet effective guide on boiler installation in the following sections of this blog post.

But first, let us discuss some basic boiler facts.

Boilers and their types

Our friendly plumbing engineer associated with boiler installation in London says that there are three types of boilers are available in the market. These include the following:

  • Combination or combi boilers.
  • System boilers.
  • Conventional boilers.

It is important that you choose the most suitable boiler for your home. The factors that determine this aspect include the following:

  • Your requirement of hot water.
  • Presence of a gas connection in your home.
  • Your budget and affordability.
  • Your expected level of efficiency related to the central heating system.

When you replace an old boiler with a new one of the same type, the installation procedure is easier. On the other hand, switching to an energy-efficient boiler outweighs every inconvenience associated with new type of boiler installation.

Choosing the best boiler size for your home

A qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer is the most ideal individual to guide you on the right size of boiler for your home. However, the professional’s decision depends on a few key factors that include the following:

The level of your water consumption: Large family homes have higher water consumption compared to a one-bedroom, single-occupant apartment. Usually, conventional boilers are ideal for higher water usage while combi ones are more suitable for lower usage.

Space available: If you have space crunch at home, consider installing a combi boiler. This range of boilers requires less space as they do not need a hot water cylinder.

Location of the boiler: Consider installing the new boiler at the same place of the old one. This ensures both easy installation and minimal disruption. Usually, boilers are installed in kitchens and cupboards although you can fit them anywhere provided the necessary pipe work is at place and the flue is positioned correctly.

Role of a reliable boiler installer

Choosing the right boiler for your home is just covering half the distance to reaching your goal. The second half relies on finding a competent boiler installer. Hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer who’s licensed and insured to carry out the job smoothly.

New boiler installation

Practically, it is not possible to select the timing of a new boiler installation. This is because it is not possible to predict when your existing boiler will give way and installing a new one often becomes an emergency. If possible, try to get the installation done during the summer as you will be less dependent on hot water.

More on your boiler installation procedure

Any competent gas engineer will try their best to make the installation procedure as smooth and hassle-free as possible. They will bring all the necessary tools and equipment and take care of your carpets and surfaces – covering both walls and floors. They work safely and stick to the existing legislations. Last but not least, they leave your home spick and span erasing every sign of the massive disruption.

Here is a brief description of how they handle these installation projects.

Before starting the work: Any licensed boiler installer will check out a few things before starting the installation job. These factors include the following:

  • The number of radiators in the system.
  • Required water pressure in your home.
  • Location of the existing boiler and flue.
  • Number of bathrooms in your home.

On the day of installation: If the job involves simple swapping, the job gets over in a day for any kind of boiler. If you are upgrading the boiler type, the procedure is bound to be complicated and lengthy.

Cost: Boiler installation in costly and the figures vary widely. A minimal quote ranges anywhere between £3,000 and £5,000. Do a little shopping around before finalising a deal.

Right documentation: Gas Safe businesses are required to notify the local authority whenever they are installing a new gas appliance including boilers. The installers will hand you over a Building regulations Certificate along with a completed Benchmark Certificate to maintain the existing legal compliance. Make sure to receive both these documents at the end of installation.

After installation scenario

Reliable service providers offer you guarantee on their job. If you are not satisfied with a boiler installation job, you can follow up without hesitation. They are bound to fix any issue that may come up in the post-installation phase.

However, Gas Safe Registered engineers at 4D Heating and Plumbing suggest hiring qualified and skilled engineers to avoid any complications later on.

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