• Solving the Problem of a Running Toilet from a Plumber
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Solving the Problem of a Running Toilet from a Plumber

Are you facing the problem of a running toilet? If yes, then this might be due to water leakage from tank into your bowl or fill tube refills lots of water into your tank. Make sure you can solve either of the problem soon by adjusting with the tubes, float or flapper.


The running toilet is quite easy to be fixed than what homeowners might think. You can even prevent the toilet from running without making your hands dirty or leaving house for supplies. When the toilet is running constantly, try to make simple adjustments for each of them by taking help of an emergency plumber on time.


  1. Adjusting with the flapper – The flapper of toilet is actually a plastic cop attached at the water tank’s bottom. While flushing the toilet, the flapper will raise which enables water to enter into the bowl from tank. In case the flapper does not flush properly with tank’s bottom, then water might slip into your bowl. When this takes place, your tank drains till the refill tube gets filled again.


The problems with flapper are the common causes for your running toilet. If you need to fix this issue quickly, then make sure you remove flapper, turn off the water in the toilet, wash as well as scrub plastic cap and the stopper completely. After this, you need to put back the flapper once it is over and then try fitting it onto the hole. In case your flapper seems to leak, you will have to get it replaced quickly. You might fasten it till you need to replace it but make sure you remove the fasteners before flushing the toilet.


  1. Adjusting with your flapper chain – Flapper chain should be connected with the handle of the toilet and the flapper. In case the toilet’s handle is not working properly, you will raise the chain that might lift your flapper by enabling water to flow into your bowl. In case the flapper’s chain seems to be very short or long, it might restrain how your flapper sits onto the task for the leakages. Thankfully, adjusting with the chain seems to be an easy way for bathroom plumbing services.


Firstly, you will have to remove the cover of tank and then flush your toilet to see how the chain is working. When you elevate the flapper, it is very short but if it is too long, this will threaten for getting into the flapper. In case the chain is extremely short, try to move the hook that attaches chain for a few links. But when the chain is too long, cut some links off at the top of your chain.


  1. Regulating the float of your toilet – The float will be suspended and then attached with the valve of the fill. Once the flush is done, the fill valve will be adding water till it floats into the tank. When fill valve do not hold up the float, it will stop adding water. In case the float has been improperly positioned, the fill valve will be adding up lots of water. This might force overflow tube for draining excess water so that the toilet keep running properly.


You will find two kinds of float and these are – cup floats and all floats. While ball floats may attach with fill valve through traditional arm, cup floats, on the other hand, will be wrapping around fill valve. Thus, you may adjust manually where the float has been suspended into the tank through adjustment screw that has been connected with the arm of fill valve. You can take pliers for turning screw in a counterclockwise direction for lowering the float and clockwise direction for raising it.


  1. Checking with the fill tube – The fill tube consists of a plastic tube which is small in size and connects with the main fill valve to overflow the pipe. It must appear in the form of a flexible and curving plastic tube. Though fill valve can refill the toilet’s tank, the fill tube should take care of the bowl. The fill tube needs to be above water line in the tank when the tank is already full.


When the fill tube is below water and the tank is full, it might be the major source for running problems. This is quite possible when the toilet runs intermittently in full condition. For fixing such problem, you may take help of a bathroom plumber who will bend the tube up out of the water manually or trim it for cutting down the extra length. Make sure the tube is able to reach between the refill and fill valves and stay above the level of water so that it works properly.


Regretfully, these are simple adjustments that won’t solve all the problems of a running toilet. If you have already tried out each of the ones discussed above, then you will possibly need to replace either one or more of the internal components of the toilet.


All the replacement works for your toilet are easy and can be done quickly. You can always take the help of a professional who can denote the exact problem of your toilet to diagnose and then fix it accordingly. Do not let your running toilet waste any water, you may either fix it yourself or call a 24 hour emergency plumber near me today.


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