• Complete Guide to Boiler Servicing in London
Complete Guide to Boiler Servicing in London

Complete Guide to Boiler Servicing in London

Whether you have a conventional or a combi-boiler, both of them require proper maintenance in order to keep the heating system work in the most efficient way. With regular safety checks, you can prevent the ultimate need for necessary and emergency repairs.

What should you know about boiler servicing?

In simple words, this manual inspection is usually done by an experienced engineer or a plumber. They will inspect the boiler system for any major faults or service specific parts within it before they turn into a major break down or pose potential safety risks. These days, new boilers have a warranty from the manufacturer but you still need to get your boiler serviced once every 12 months in most cases in order to ensure its optimal performance.

One of the suitable ways to know that your boiler works effectively is to book an annual boiler installation service in London from a qualified engineer.

Who can provide boiler servicing?

You may hire a boiler specialist who will complete the proper inspection of your boiler but if you are having a gas-powered system, then make sure they are gas-safe registered. In case you choose an engineer who does not have a valid license, chances are that your boiler might go out of order.

What does a boiler servicing consist of?

  • If there are any signs of leakages or corrosion inside and outside the boiler.
  • All controls should work effectively and safely.
  • Whether the gas pressure is extremely low or high.
  • All internal parts are clean and dirt free.
  • For toxic emissions like carbon monoxide produced in your home.

Why will you need boiler servicing?

A poorly-maintained boiler system might be the reason for serious plumbing problems that can put you at a greater risk. With regular servicing, we can help with:

  • You will save energy and money by booking an appointment with an expert that can ensure that your boiler is running efficiently.
  • Avoid breakdowns by detecting potential issues which will keep the boiler in a good condition. Otherwise, you might face problems with your hot water or heating till the problem gets fixed completely.
  • Prevent the complete replacement of the boiler by ensuring it runs efficiently. If boilers are not serviced on time, then this can further cause breakdowns and in certain cases, you will have to replace it.

When should you get your boiler serviced?

Just like plumbing services in London, it is suggested that you get your boiler serviced yearly which will allow our engineers to detect any problems before they worsen.

  • Get it serviced properly before the winter. This ensures that your boiler works properly before the cold season arrives.
  • Though you might not think about the central heating during the summer months, it is certainly a great time to have your boiler inspected as engineers will not be that busy during that time.

Are different boiler service plans worth your requirement?

Boiler service plans, also called boiler cover, may ensure peace of mind in case there is some major issue with the boiler system. An engineer will reach your place to check the condition of your present boiler and complete the necessary repairs if needed.

Can I obtain a boiler service certificate afterwards?

After the gas sage engineer finishes with boiler servicing, you may ask them to give you a complete summary of their services. You may expect to get some details that include the following:

  • Parts of your boiler that have been tested or checked.
  • Any problems that might suddenly arise.
  • Necessary advice on boiler repair and installation works.

In case you are a landlord, you will legally need a formal summary, also called a Gas Safety Record to authenticate you have had an inspection executed The Gas Safety Record, also known as, a Gas Safety Certificate which is a standardised form that skilled engineers have to fill out for customers who are legally required to get your boiler inspected properly.

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