• Hire a Plumber for Kitchen Sink Blockage and Solve Your Problem
kitchen sink blockage

Hire a Plumber for Kitchen Sink Blockage and Solve Your Problem

It is extremely frustrating when your kitchen sink does not drain properly and there is always water backing up with all the dirty plates all over the counter to be cleaned. Well, this situation will tempt you to reach out for the number of your plumber and solve the kitchen plumbing issue. Kitchen sink blockages may usually be avoided easily with some kind of maintenance that does not require special tools or products. You will only need some washing-up liquid or vinegar with plenty of boiling water.

Washing-up liquid has a degreasing agent that helps in cleaning grease or oil from those dirty dishes. If you put one tablespoon of detergent mixed with hot water in the kitchen sink regularly, then this can help to get rid of any build-up of grease easily. It is advised to hire an emergency plumber in London who knows all kinds of plumbing work and can help you with your kitchen plumbing needs.

Use A Sink Plunger to Unclogyour Kitchen Sink

You may use a sink plunger to remove any kitchen sink blockage. You need to place the plunger’s rubber bell section over the plug hole. After that, try applying downward force on the plunger handle and release it in a speedy motion repeatedly.

Make sure there is sufficient amount of water in the sink so that it covers the rubber bell section. Only then, this trick would work best. In case there is no water as it drains away slowly, you will have to add some water to it. Boiling water will work the best way, however, you need to careful so that you don’t splash boiling water on yourself.

Proprietary Unblocking Agents

Other things to purchase from supermarkets and DIY stores are proprietary unblocking agents. Many supermarkets like to sell their brands that should be poured and left overnight before flushing them through with water.

There are situations when you will find that kitchen sink blockage are too stubborn and cannot be simply removed by using washing-up detergent with hot water, vinegar or a plunger. For such cases, you will have to move to the next level of removing blockages with specific tools like drain unblockers. These are the right things to use when there is some kind of obstruction around the bends in the water pipes.

If neither of these effective solutions seems to work for you, then it’s time for you to hire a good plumber who can help in solving your plumbing issues quickly and safely. If you are residing in London and its surrounding areas, common search strings like, “kitchen plumber near me” can help you to find the right plumber for your kitchen plumbing needs.

Whether you are just a homeowner, a business person, a tenant or a landlord, hiring a plumber is the most suitable solution to get your work done easily. As no job is too big or small in this competitive market, reliable plumbers will surely help you in getting your problem solved at an affordable rate.

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