• 4 Signs of Blocked Drains and How This Can Happen
4 Signs of Blocked Drains and How This Can Happen

4 Signs of Blocked Drains and How This Can Happen

A drain system has a line that runs through the building which is also connected to the sewer system. The drain is also connected to each sink, toilet or washing machine in your home or office.

The sink connects with a pipeline and a trap that leads to the sewer system and drain line. There are several places where these clogs can cause problems in the pipes or in the traps that are connecting the toilet or sink to the plumbing system.

How do drains get clogged?

If there is some accumulation in the drains and pipes, then this will create clogs. This can be food from a kitchen sink, bathroom sink or hair and soap build-up from a bathtub.  When it is about a toilet, an abundance of toilet paper or things that are not meant to be flushed, these can cause blocked drains.

Some signs of a plumbing blockage

  • Slowly draining bathtub or sink – The slow draining of water is usually the first sign of a problem. This happens when the diameter of the pipe is constricted by a thickening layer of soap and grime, due to blockage in the pipeline.
  • Stinky smell – An unpleasant smell may occur before a slow drain which is a sign of a blockage problem. This can happen due to several reasons such as rotten food in a drain or kitchen sink, sewer system connections and small rodent in another area of the drain.
  • Back up toilets than flush – These blockages usually occur due to too much toilet paper or wrong things being flushed down the toilet. This is a serious issue as the items blocking the drain might cause damage to the pipeline or cause damage to your bathroom when water comes out of the bowl. In case a plunger doesn’t provide help, you need to call a professional who will examine the drainage system and pipes and provide drain cleaning services in London.
  • Drains that gurgle – The gurgling noise means that air is trapped somewhere in the plumbing system. This may occur due to build-ups in the drain like food, grease and oil. Food deposits might not be removed easily with a drain cleaner such as hydro-jetter that improves the interior of the pipe when they remove the clog causing the problem. If there is some damage to the sewer line, then this could be another reason for drain gurgling. This problem is more serious than a clog and you usually need help from a professional to fix it safely. Another reason for gurgling noises in the drain is blockage in vent pipe that attaches to the drain pipe and then goes to the roof to let sewer gas break out from the system. If this is not taken proper care of, you might find that waste from sewer backs up into the drainage system.
  • Water on plants or lawn growing near the sewer line – This is a bit different from other signs as they occur both inside and outside the house. If there is a puddle in the lawn, then you need to hire a professional to evaluate the condition of the drain and fix any damage or clog from the sewer line. The trees and foliage growing near the sewer line may cause major problems as the root system can damage the water lines and the sewer system. Blocked drains are much more than just trouble. Home-owners who want to pay attention and know the causes of these issues, should reduce the potentiality of major drain clog that causes plumbing issues.
Thus, when you want to take immediate action to clean the drains by yourself or hire a professional, choose one who is working in Reputed plumbing company in London so that the plumbing systems are clean and guaranteed to work properly.

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