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Are you looking for emergency boiler repair London? Why do you keep fixing your boiler time and over again? Maybe, you haven’t gotten the right service provider. Consider the problem is gone, when you let us handle your boiler at 4d Heating and Plumbing. Central repairs, installation, and maintenance of the boiler are what we do. We’re here for your boiler repairing service and emergency boilers repair London.

Why would your boiler stop working? Could it be electrical, gas or mechanical problems? Sometimes, you can fix it yourself, but only when it’s safe for you. For your convenience and safety, 4d Heating and Plumbing is now at your service for boiler repair, boiler installation in your homes and offices anywhere in London.

Aside from a frozen condensate pipe and other common boiler problems, a serious one is kettling. Boiler kettling is dangerous! This is because if it’s not treated, the entire boiler could break down. Kettling is caused by pressure build-up in the boiler’s heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is that component in the boiler responsible for heating the water that flows through the system. This pressure build-up is caused by hard water producing limescale inside the heat exchanger. The generated limescale, in turn, restricts the flow of water through the system. The restricted water becomes trapped in the heat exchanger for a long time. It then begins to boil and evaporate into steam. Water expands several thousand times over in its steam state. This expansion exponentially increases the pressure on the heat exchanger; which is what causes the rumbling sound you hear, as the heat exchanger battles to contain the produced steam.

Why bother yourself when you’ve got a reliable hand for boiler repair service?

Fix My Boiler: Why Choose Us

  • We can efficiently scrub out your heat exchanger to treat the problem of kettling. Or we can have a water treatment plant installed for you to prevent reoccurrence. We present to you all our prime services that are laced with ingenuity and reasonable cost. 4d Heating and Plumbing is on the rims and would be on the wheels in the event of your boiler breakdown.
  • We’ve been in emergency boiler repairs service for a long time. So, don’t attempt to touch any part of your boiler system if you’re not sure. It could only make things worse. Leave it to us; we’ve got what your boiler needs. Just call us.
  • At 4d Heating and Plumbing, we provide easy booking for emergency boiler service. This service is done by only knowledgeable and Gas Safe Registered engineers; which we have at all times.
  • The internal and external components of your boiler get to be thoroughly inspected by our qualified and competent gas engineers. We allow this by strict safety rules. Our repairs will leave you amazed. Our boiler service will keep you hooked; we dare to say, for a lifetime.
Come and get top services at 4d Heating and Plumbing. We provide cost-effective, quality boiler repair service London.
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